The scholarship programs in National Guard Health Affairs hospitals has been established to attract outstanding students and train them to develop Saudi manpower with excellent knowledge/education in order to increase the quality of patient care in different areas.

Based on the hospitals’ current and future needs, a scholarship five-year plan has been created, with the ability of modification based on the needs, which covers most medical and clinical sections, nursing services, and research center.

Our objective is to provide best medical and health service for patients by sending employees or students to get high quality training and to benefit from the experiences of well-known universities in different countries especially in rare specialties.

Scholarship and training support will only be granted in accordance with available manpower positions; the requested training has to be related to the work and the institution, which is providing that training is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, and on competitive basis following an announcement of the training opportunity by Postgraduate Education & Academic Affairs.

Requirements for applying to the scholarship program vary depending on the institution and area of discipline.
Scholarship Office
Postgraduate Education & Academic Affairs
National Guard Health Affairs

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